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Why sell with Drummond Real Estate?

We pride ourselves on getting you the highest price for your property in the shortest possible time whilst maintaining high level customer service and client care. These things are important to us and we believe stand us apart from our competitors.

No Upfront Costs
With Drummond Real Estate you won’t pay a cent until your property is sold and you are satisfied. We cover all the marketing and advertising costs for your property, offering you a risk free selling service.

Best Price
Everyone wants to get the best price for their property. We use a silent bid to consistently achieve the best prices for our sellers. The final selling price for your property will be the best market price available. We can say this confidently because we have the negotiation skills to ensure we get buyers to a price you are happy to accept. Our commitment to training in the principles of negotiation can’t be overlooked as a critical part of this process.

Modern Marketing
We will achieve maximum exposure for your property using modern marketing techniques. Our database of ready-to-buy now purchasers, signs, special searches for a Heart Buyer for your property, social networking, newsletter alerts, community news, our website and third party property portals mean we put your property where the real buyers are looking.

It’s your home. That means it’s your decision to sell. We will support you through the sales process, but it’s you who is in control.

Honest Price Estimate
We will provide you with a written guarantee that the price we quote is honest and accurate. We are the only real estate agent in the area that will give you this guarantee. We will never lie to you about the price and if your home sells for below the quoted price, paying a selling fee is at your discretion.

Motivated and Trained Sales Team
The Drummond Real Estate team is committed to ongoing training and development. We work together as a team and support each other in achieving superior customer service standards across the business. The sales team attend regular training sessions and are highly skilled negotiators, ensuring you get an agent capable of getting buyers to a price you are happy with.

Buyers Price Declaration
This is how we get each buyer’s best and highest offer, giving you the best price for your property. The concept was developed by Nobel prize winning economist Sir William Vickery. A Buyer’s Price Declaration requires each buyer to offer the highest price they are happy to pay without being influenced by any other offers. No competing buyer’s are privy to any other buyer’s highest price, making this method of negotiation capable of achieving higher offers than those seen at auctions.

Neil Jenman’s personal guarantee
Drummond Real Estate is Jenman APPROVED. To find out what this means for you visit

No advertising costs
You pay nothing. All marketing and advertising costs are covered by us. No upfront fees are incurred by you and if your home does not sell or you change your mind there is still no cost to you.

Available 24/7
7 days a week, 24 hours a day. That’s when we are contactable. This means we never miss a buyer’s enquiry for your property. We also carry out inspections after hours to suit you and buyers.

Professional photography
We can help you get your home photo ready with tips on giving it that sparkle. Our professional photographers will then be able show your home in its best light. First impressions count and with many buyers conducting their initial research via the internet, great photos can make your property a stand out.

Inspections tailored to suit you
Inspections are by appointment only, with qualified buyers which gives us the chance to talk one on one and address any questions they have on the spot. This enables us to get the best price for your property. No open inspections also means no groups of strangers wandering unaccompanied through your home.

We have a long list of happy customers. Call any one of them. They’ll tell it like it is.

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The group inspection
Drummond Real Estate work as a team. You’ll have the entire sales team’s input into the current market value of your property and they’ll all be working on your behalf to get you the highest possible price for your home.

Things you should know before selling
Considering making a move? There are some important things you should know before selling your home. Click here to watch a series of videos to help you learn some of the Inside Secrets of Real Estate with Neil Jenman.

Selling Methods

Which selling method is best for you? Private sale, Auction, expression of interest? There are a few different options out there.

Private Sale
The safest and least expensive way of selling your home. A private sale gives the best opportunity to obtain the highest price from buyers as the agent is able to use their negotiation skills to achieve this. This method is generally favoured by skilled negotiators.

Public Auction
After a lengthy and often costly advertising campaign almost all auctions result in homes being under sold. Many buyers at auction end up paying less than their limit.

9 Reasons why auctions get lower prices.
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Private Auction
When more than one buyer is interested in a property for private sale, a private auction can take place using the Silent Bid. During this process each sales person negotiates with their buyer to reach their highest price. It is signed and placed in a sealed envelope and kept confidential. All offers are then opened in the presence of the seller.
The difference between a Public Auction and a Private Auction is this – If you have a bargain hunter at a Public Auction bidding against an emotional buyer, the bidding might stop $500 above the bargain hunter’s final bid. Any chance of getting the highest price the emotional buyer was really willing to pay is lost. The highest bidder at a Public Auction is the winner but you don’t necessarily get the highest price.
A Private Auction eliminates this because buyers do not know what the other buyers have offered, and it often means you could get thousands if not tens of thousands more.

Buyers submit their offers at their own accord in a sealed envelope before a certain date, and the seller opens the bids all at the same time. The seller is not compelled to accept the highest bid.

Expression of Interest
Properties are put on the market to get an indication of what price buyers might be prepared to pay. It may allow you as a seller to establish market interest without declaring your hand.

Set Date
Another variation on the tender process where the agent sets a price range and invites purchasers to submit a formal expression of interest stating their best price. At the close of the sale period the agent refers the offer to the vendor who can choose to accept the highest offer, open negotiations or re-list the property for another set period.

Not sure which selling method is best for you? Give us a call and we’ll explain the differences so you can make an informed decision.

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Things you should know before selling

Watch this series of videos to learn some of the Inside Secrets of Real Estate with Neil Jenman.