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Vacancy Rates Fall In Most Cities

Rental vacancy rates fell across most capitals in July, indicating strong competition among tenants for available homes is likely to keep upward pressure on rents. Vacancy rates for units in Melbourne have fallen from 2.5% in July 2016 to 1.7%, while houses remain stable at 1.4%. Both houses and units in Sydney remain stable at… [Read More]


Policy options now set by postcode By Peter OMalley, Author of Inside Real Estate The Federal budget always seems to throw up plenty to discuss. The media understandably pounce on the headline elements of the budget. Sometimes budget measures which are the least discussed can be the most intriguing. The Government has upgraded the ability… [Read More]

Landlord Inspection Trips Disallowed

Rental property owners will no longer be able to tack a holiday onto a visit to “inspect” their investment property under new draft legislation. The new bill will abolish travel-related expense claims that have seen holidays to places like the Gold Coast masquerading as property inspections. Investors who legitimately spend funds looking after their rental… [Read More]

No Housing Bubble, says HSBC

Australia’s housing market is not in a bubble, says HSBC chief economist for Australia and New Zealand, Paul Bloxham. House price rises in Sydney and Melbourne have been offset by softer performances in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and the regional areas where housing demand has been weak, or supply has been boosted. The factors attributed to… [Read More]


In a game of poker, there are two types of players. Those that know the rules and those that can play the game. In the real estate market, there are three types of participants. Those that know the rules, those that can play the game and those that have no idea what they are doing…. [Read More]

Super Saver Offers Leg-up

A boost for younger Australians seeking to buy a home will apply from July 1. For those who have previously struggled to save a deposit, the Federal Budget might just get them over the line. The First Home Super Saver Scheme allows first-home buyers to salary sacrifice up to $15,000 per year of their wages… [Read More]

The Deception of Auction

The real estate world is full of deception. The Auction results as reported by the media is just one example. Over recent weeks we have seen a well-known reporter of results record some interesting figures. They reported that only 3 properties were offered for sale by Auction that particular weekend. The report advised none were… [Read More]

Terry’s View

Next time you read about Australia’s so-called debt crisis, consider this: ABS data shows that household net worth across Australia is $9.4 trillion. This comprises $11.7 trillion in assets, minus $2.3 trillion in liabilities. That amounts to a huge level of equity in the average household. Over the 12 months to December 2016, net worth… [Read More]

More Banks Lift Mortgage Rates

Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and St George have joined NAB and Westpac in another out-of-cycle increase in mortgage rates for investment and owner-occupier loans. ANZ has lifted investor home loans for existing customers by 25 basis points to 6.85%, while existing owner-occupiers making interest-only repayments will see their rates rise by 2 basis points to 5.45%…. [Read More]


Real estate cycles come and go, but one fact always remains true – there is no exact science to property investing. As much as we would like to believe we can control every part of the process, the reality is that investing in property is rarely a bump-free journey.  However, you can minimise your risks… [Read More]

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